Hair extensions are here to stay. Women will always want to use fake hair to ensure that their beauty is maintained. Using these extensions is another way that they achieve this. While it is very popular, there are still different ways to attach the hair. The hair can be attached either as a Clip-in or through fusion. In the end extensions make a woman look good.

Another method of putting in hair extensions is by using a method called fusion. Fusion hair extensions work by attaching the hair by a method using cold or hot fusion. Hot fusion works by using glue and heating it and attaching the fake hair to the real hair. Cold fusion works by using a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the root. More people opt for the cold fusion as it makes the hair feel more natural. Using fusion to attach hair extensions is a popular trend, the hair can also last up to 6 months if treated properly.

One way of getting hair extensions is by using a method called clip in. Clip-in hair extensions is a very simple process as all you have to do is clip the hair to your head. If you follow the fitting instructions, it should just take a few mintues before you have brand new lengthy hair. The Clip in hair extensions are very easy to maintain. Many come with a free maintenance product or spritz. With this all you have to do is spray it one after each time you wear the hair. Many women often ask if people can tell if they are wearing clip-in hair extensions. The beauty of this product is that no one will be able to tell if it is your real hair or not.

To start you have to understand what hair extensions are. Hair extensions are strips of real human hair. The strips of hair come in a package and they can be attached via different methods. Some people sew it in, some glue and some use methods such as fusion or Clip-in. Since hair extensions are made from human hair it can be styled like real hair. That means you can wash it, style it , curl it or do any other style that is possible. Hair extensions can last up to 6 months to a year, depending on the type of hair that you receive.

Hair extensions are one of the biggest raves among females. Stars in Hollywood have hair extensions to the point it has become a part of the female celebrity. Hair extensions gives a woman options when it comes to her hair. This article will focus on the different aspects of hair extensions. It will look at what hair extensions really are and will also delve into the different types of methods to attach hair extensions; Clip-in and Fusion.


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